Nights Out

When it comes to nights out, deciding who's going to be the one tasked with driving can be a bit of a bind. And when there's more than a few of you taking part, travelling in a number of cars can work out very inconvenient and costly. A great way to get around these issues is to hire a minibus or coach from Londonderry Minibus. We can take care of all your transportation needs along with the associated planning. You won't need to fret about unforeseen setbacks spoiling the occasion. Book a vehicle from us and we'll take the stress and hassle out of your night out.

There are plenty of places to visit of an evening. Whether you want to enjoy drinks with friends or want to add food to the occasion. There's Sugar Night Club on Shipquay Street, Dukes Bar on Duke Street, Envy Bar and Night Club on Strand Road, The Metro on Bank Place and hundreds of other places you might want to spend an evening.

If you take advantage of our Londonderry Minibus with driver service you won't need to refrain from having a drink. Sit back and enjoy the evening as much as all the others. We'll make sure everyone gets home safe and sound.

There are a huge amount of places to visit in and around Londonderry. Don't miss out on visiting them because you're worried about transport. Get in touch and book a service today.

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