12 Seater Minibus Hire

The 12 seater minibuses we use here at Londonderry Minibus are Ford Transits. Known for their reliability they are large enough to cater for as many as 14 people, along with their luggage. In fact, there's so much space we can promise everyone of the passengers will arrive at the chosen destination feeling relaxed and refreshed.

All the vehicles in our fleet are no older than 6 years and that includes the Ford Transit minibus. This means that as well as being comfortable they are well equipped and use the latest technology. What is this size vehicle useful for? Corporate events, church outings and school trips, are just a few examples.

As well as being spacious these vehicles include a number of space-saving and ergonomic features, making them practical as well as comfortable. Whatever it's being used for this luxury work horse will get you there on time and in comfort.

If you want to make a booking, or if you need to ask a question, there is always a customer support representative available. All of us here at Londonderry Minibus are waiting for you to get in touch and experience the best way to travel. If you need to get you and your mates to a party, take the family to the theatre or to visit the zoo, or need to attend a business conference with colleagues our 12 seater minibus is the answer.

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