24 Seater Bus Hire

Have you got a team that needs to travel to a number of away fixtures? Would you like to plan a day trip for your school? Londonderry Minibus can offer you a solution in the form of a 24 seater bus hire service. If your group is much bigger there are other alternatives as well. Whatever the occasion, booking one of our mini coaches will make the journey a breeze.

The 24 seater buses have ergonomic seats, which will mean you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and relaxed, rather than stressed and stiff. These vehicles can be hired without a driver, but why not let someone do all the driving for you? While you enjoy watching the world driving past through the window.

All our vehicles are well-maintained and no more than 6 years old. In fact, many of them are only 2 years old. With such modern vehicles you can be certain they are going to be well-equipped for the journey, making use of the latest technology for a safe and secure trip. All passengers can enjoy space to stretch their legs and plenty of room for any extra baggage, should you be planning a shopping trip. However long the journey, everyone will arrive relaxed and ready to take on the next stage of the trip.

Here at Londonderry Minibus we has customer support representatives who are on hand to answer any questions and provide a free quote around the clock. Day and night they work tirelessly to ensure all customers are more than satisfied with our service.

To find out more or ask for a free quote contact us today.

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