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Londonderry Minibus was established more than a decade ago, in 2006. Wherever you're planning to take a trip to we're the go to guys for all your transportation needs. You might be going on holiday and want to tour a certain area. You might be planning a night on the town. Even if you just want to take a day out for shopping we've got a vehicle that will get you, friends and family to a prearranged destination in comfort and style. Over the years we've become a much preferred option for those travelling in and around Londonderry and further afield. Why do customers choose our service over all the others? Let's share a few benefits.


Travelling using our hire vehicles, also available with a driver is requested, can be a very inexpensive way of travel. Always travelling using your own vehicle can work out to be very expensive. Especially when you factor in all the costs such as tax, car insurance and wear and tear.


All our vehicles are modern, well maintained and fully equipped for all your travel needs. Our luxury range of vehicles even have entertainment provided so you don't have to worry about getting bored with the view through the window.

Stress-free travel

If you take advantage of one of our drivers along with your hire vehicle you're certain to arrive at your destination stress-free. Travelling in a Londonderry Minibus will be a relaxing experience and you'll arrive feeling refreshed rather than sore and tired.  

We are available to discuss your needs anytime of the night or day. Simply pick up the phone or discuss your needs online. And for your convenience we are able to offer a free instant quote upon request. Don't feel obligated to make a booking. We promise no to use any pressure techniques. Ask about any special discounts or seasonal offers we might be offering to further reduce the price of your chosen package.


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