72 Seater Coach Hire

For the ultimate in large group travel get in touch with Londonderry Minibus and check out what's on offer. Included in our fleet of modern vehicles is a 72 seater coach package that can get large groups of people where they need to be on time and with a minimum of fuss.

All Londonderry Minibus vehicles are no more than 6 years old, with many of them being only 2 years old. Air-conditioning comes as standard and there are also added entrainment features if required. Ergonomic seats ensure all passengers arrive feeling refreshed and relaxed. And nobody is stressed about having to drive. Thanks to the well-trained and vetted professional drivers who sit behind the wheel.

Whether you want to travel around Londonderry or travel further afield to enjoy the scenery get in touch with a representative and check out our prices. We can cater to the needs of a range of budgets as there are both standard and luxury options. The quotes given are based on the mileage to be covered and provided on a free, no obligation basis.

Lines of communication are open 24/7, but there's also an online option. Don't delay, get in touch today and be amazed by the price of our services. You'll never want to drive anywhere again.


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